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Welcome to a Good Life Jar!

November 15, 2014


I was supposed to start a blog when I had a baby more than two years ago. But every woman who ever had a baby knows what happens to ambitious blogging plans when you have a child. Soon I will have my 36th birthday and it feels like there is no escape anymore. So here it is. I love writing, reading, eating, finding new ways of thinking, seeing and doing, the beauty in people and things. And sleeping. And those topics I will cover in my blog:

Mindstyle – thoughts and tips on a good life

Lifestyle – food, style, travel, home and books

And these I will reflect on my personal life.

When I came up with the title of my blog, I thought what a great name! I want that – a jar full of good life. I bought the domain and now I notice it sets the bar very high for my writings, like I should always be able to show what a great, great life I’m living.

I already googled and checked from Wikipedia “what is good life” and tried to memorize some wise words from literature on the topic. I have studied Russian literature and you would think there are plenty of witty lines about good life, but all I could remember at the moment was the eternal sentence of “We cannot live like this!” (I will not use references here, the ones who know where it comes from will and can feel superior and the ones who do not are most likely not interested and would find references too academic anyway).

So better to quote my own life and start with a cliché:

Having a child is a big change. And when things are changing it is not easy to lead a good life.

What I have found so strange is that the reality of your life changes very quickly and partly also so easily, but your head is running late: for quite a while you still kind of think that within a month your life will be back to normal – meaning back to what it used to be. When I finally realized IT WILL NOT GET BACK TO NORMAL, I understood I have to do some serious thinking to be able to adjust to the new life.

Like many other new moms, I was really puzzled how I could combine work and family (and still am!). And here comes one nice thing I did that I want to share with you. I was very impressed by a simple exercise on finding out what your values are and then thinking how you use your time and set your priorities and checking do you follow your values. And I know, when you are younger you think that by 35 you would have AT LEAST figured out what your values are and if you follow them.

Sorry, don’t count on that. Only count on that your values will change.

I used to work a lot and now I’m a stay-at-home mom out of my own choice. There is a lot of material in the web, but here is one simple and clear tool that you can check:

A lot of what you can find is very career focused, but I think those tools can be used also as a more general templates on figuring out “what the hell I’m supposed to do now in my life” -type-of-situations. After identifying the values, I thought about my life at the moment, how I allocate time between different things and asked do I follow my values in my life. It appears that I do. Thank you test, now I can have a peace of mind for a week or two – and some topics to write about.

There was a time (read: before having a child) when I would laugh at all sorts of coaching & self-help literature. Not anymore. This very first post will end here before I delve too deep into the topic and create a new crisis just before bedtime. And the next topic will be on lipsticks or other similar light themes.

Welcome to a Good Life Jar.

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  • Reply Andrea October 6, 2015 at 12:57 pm

    Happy you are expressing yourself through this blog! Love the name and I will follow your writing! Andrea

    • Reply Kirsi October 6, 2015 at 10:03 pm

      Thank you, Andrea! Greets from me and your beautifully drawn lady from A-dam!

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