My Spring Style Tips for Colder Climates

April 14, 2016

I love to look for style inspiration – especially in Pinterest. For more than a month already it’s been super easy to find a lot of new spring outfits and ideas. However, a lot of the inspiration comes from warmer climates and as lovely as the skirts, dresses, leather jackets and pumps look like in the pictures, they are far too cold for the Nordic spring… unless you are a teenager. Teenagers can follow and execute the summer trends in -30 degrees or alternatively wear winter boots in the summer. It’s ok, they can do that, I don’t mind, because I on the other hand have been going out in ski pants for the last three months. Going out with a kid to the playgrounds is just utterly boring if you cannot go on the slide yourself every now and then (read: all the time until your child wants to go home).

Well, for the month of January I actually walked around the parks of south Helsinki in my husband’s ski jacket and pants from the 1990s, because I had given up all my winter gear during the five years in Amsterdam. The colours (black and yellow) and style were actually pretty nice and fashionable again, but somehow three sizes too big clothes always give out a baggy impression, no matter how nice they are otherwise. Finally in February, I bought a really good pair of ski pants with an avalanche detector; it’s good to be on the safe side with those toddlers and playgrounds.

From this perspective now being able to go out in jeans and saying good-byes to my ski-crazy alter ego feels extremely liberating. And do not try to force that sportswear trend upon me, I will not get onboard! So what could you wear to make your Nordic April not feel and look like the previous three months? See my tips below.

Do something new with your hair. However, do not ruin your hair just in a spring fever. I will not take responsibility if you do that.

Buy new cool sunglasses, because you need them and they will take you through the summer as well!

Get a thinner beanie so when the sun comes out the woollen one won’t tickle your forehead. Or a floral beanie or a head band!

Get a pair of cool jeans. Try out a new color or model. They might also take you through the summer if it never gets warmer than this. 😉

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