Dreaming of Weaving

November 9, 2015


As a person, I’m not really orientated towards crafts. But my mom is a genius in handicraft and one of my older sisters is also very good. I’ve just been famous for losing my nerves when sewing and doing handicraft, like I told you earlier. However, just recently I realized I actually enjoy sewing and handicraft as long as I keep it simple and small enough. Or it’s just another symptom of becoming middle-aged. Anyhow, this is happening and it made me think of the possibility of weaving something.

I never thought it would be possible to weave in a city apartment, because to me weaving is “a big room dedicated for the loom & the rest of the materials you need to be able to make huge rugs”. My mother, aunts and grandmothers used to make rugs like this when I was a child. I can still remember how we kids tried to stay a little further away from the whole thing on the day the warp was made. It was clear it was not an easy task. I still think it is not an easy task but I was wrong about not being able to weave in a city apartment and making a little smaller and easier warp.

In September I went to De Hallen for the Ambacht in Beeld Festival and joined a weaving workshop. We made the warp just around the back of a stool and I was amazed that with some imagination you can actually do little projects with such a simple and with almost non-existent equipment. After some browsing on Pinterest I joined the group of people who are obsessed about SMALL WALL-HANGING RUGS. Believe me, we are many. And now you think, oh yes, it’s a serious case of becoming middle-aged. I have started the preparations by transforming some old t-shirts into weaving weft. I still need to find some more interesting weft materials in different colours and a small wooden frame to try out my first own homemade wall-hanging rug. Will keep you posted when I get to action and see some results. Friends and relatives: act surprised and happy when you receive tiny twisted wall-hanging rugs from me for a Christmas present!

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