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On Hanging Plants and Good Night’s Sleep

August 29, 2015


My husband and I have a long criminal record when it comes to killing plants. We managed to keep some plants alive in our last apartment in Finland but in our Amsterdam home I never even tried. We have just bought fresh flowers because they are so beautiful and easy to get here. It’s nice to look at one type of a flower for a week and then another for the next week. No commitments – you know. Fresh flowers also do not cost fortunes here like in the extremes of the northern hemisphere (and get frozen and die on the way home, same happens to basil by the way in the winter).

Anyway, now that our little girl has taken over our bigger bedroom, we sometimes feel like there is not enough fresh air in our otherwise comfortable bedroom bunker (one small window, no ventilation holes). The pro is that it is quiet, which is the most important thing in a bedroom for me. Sounds from outside in the night make me crazy. It’s become worse the last years. I think it’s a combination of me being a Finn and a mother now. The Finn in me assumes that we all have a right to wake up in the morning hearing the wind humming gently and birds chirping in the nearby birch trees. The mother in me is just ready to kill anyone who wakes me up ONE MORE TIME in the night. If you have seen a crazy looking person running in the streets of Amsterdam in a striped maxi nightgown telling people to be quiet it has probably been me. Luckily, those times are over for now. As a parent you learn not to trust that some terrible phase in growing up could not come back again… and I mean with the same child.

For a second I thought we could maybe punch a hole in the wall but because the house façade is from the 18th century that’s not allowed. So next I started hearing the sound of wind humming in my new green plants that would help to freshen up the air in our bedroom. There is no space for flower tables in our bedroom but we had been traveling in the Canary Islands recently and I admired all the hanging plants they have there and also remembered the Finnish versions of macrame plant hangers from my childhood. I ordered some cotton material from Finland from my mom and made the most simple macrame plant hanger with just couple of knots and I think the result was absolutely fantastic. We have had the plants in our room for some days now and I feel like they help. Though I’m not sure if that is also because the weather has cooled down a little. In any case the hanging plants have earned their place in our bedroom because of their aesthetic value. That is of course if I just manage to keep them alive.