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September 2015


Out of Love for Ballerina Shoes

September 12, 2015

I have always loved shoes but for the last ten years I haven’t bought or owned a lot of them. I need my shoes to be comfortable: I have to be able to easily walk ten kilometres in them. So it goes without saying that I wear only flat shoes. Ok, ok, I have some high-heel party and office shoes but for example my office shoes have always lived at the office so I can wear flats outside and wear the heels only inside. You never know if you need to sprint to make it to the tram and I would hate it if I missed it because of my shoes. I know there are people who can run in high heels and cannot live without them. I’m not one of them. The trauma of aching feet from my youth – believe it or not – is still too close.

At the same time when I quit buying too many shoes, I fell in love with ballerinas. You can walk the ten kilometres in good ballerinas! My love for ballerinas also became a bit of an issue, because the moment I found good (black) ballerinas, I started worrying about the future. What will I do and how can I find the next perfect pair when the ones I just purchased will die out? I know: first world problems! And it will get even more awkward.

A couple of years ago we travelled to Barcelona a few times and during the first visit I ran across a ballerina heaven called Kokua. A shop full of different coloured leather ballerinas. The first time I only bought one pair of ballerinas after watching, trying and touching too many shoes like Gollum with his precious ring. The second time I could not help but to buy two pairs. After we got home the next morning I woke up having a nightmare in which I had lost my newly purchased ballerinas on the way home and they were nowhere to be found. This is when I realised how much a good pair of ballerinas means to me. And somehow the dream still gives me the chills… or more precisely the fact of being able to have such a nightmare. Am I not the analytical deep thinking person I thought I was? I haven’t bought new ballerinas since. Luckily sneakers are in at the moment. I wonder if I can go back to Barcelona ever again?